After School Lunch Box

If you’re ferrying your kids to clubs after school, a nutritious packed meal can be a great way to avoid the drive-thru.

So why not try this one?

  • Snack
    Fruit fromage frais
  • The main event
    Cold Spanish omelette (made with eggs and potatoes) and low-fat coleslaw Salad of lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and celery sticks and cress
  • Fruit
    Small bunch of grapes
  • Drink
    Capri-Sun Summer Berries
  • Extras
    Cereal bar
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Food facts

  • Spanish omelette makes a change from sandwich and bread based lunchbox foods. Eggs are a good source of protein, and contain vitamins and minerals
  • Fromage frais is another way to encourage your kids to eat dairy products and makes a change from yoghurt
  • Salad and fruit to help contribute to their ‘5-A-Day’
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