Movie Lunch Box

Here’s a lunchbox for those big exam days to help keep energy levels up. Plus, don’t forget that breakfast and healthy snacks can help improve memory.

  • Snack
    Oatcakes and cheese portion
  • The main event
    Rice salad with peas, carrots and flaked tuna Pitta bread fingers
  • Fruit
    Box of raisins
  • Drink
    Capri-Sun Fruit Crush Tropical
  • Extras
A pumpkin and a lunchbox Lunchboxes

Food facts

  • Rice, pitta bread, peas and raisins contain carbohydrate. Eating foods containing carbohydrate can help improve memory
  • Oatcakes and cheese, apple and raisins to snack on - Eating breakfast and regular meals and snacks throughout the day can increase memory and ability to perform tasks
  • Milkshake is nutritious and easy to drink – even when exam nerves kick in
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