Vegetarian Lunch Box

You don’t need meat for a nutritionally balanced meal – here we use beans, nuts and yoghurt to deliver iron and protein.

  • Snack
    Pot of yoghurt
  • The main event
    Wholemeal pitta bread stuffed with hummus, cooked spicy red kidney beans, tomato, cucumber, lettuce and alfalfa
  • Fruit
    Tub of fruit salad
  • Drink
    Capri-Sun 100% orange juice
  • Extras
    Small tub/bag of unsalted mixed nuts and raisins
A pumpkin and a lunchbox Lunchboxes

Food facts

  • Red kidney beans contain iron – fruit salad and orange juice provide vitamin C to aid iron absorption
  • Yoghurt contains calcium which as part of a healthy balanced diet helps build strong bones
  • Plenty of fruit and vegetables to help towards the ‘5-A-Day’ target
  • Protein for growth and development in beans, nuts and yoghurt
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