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Host a Fancy Dress Party

Follow our party planner to host the perfect do. And why not be imaginative and have a really cool fancy dress theme?


  • Check with your parents its ok to host one

  • What’s your budget?

  • Who’s invited?

  • When will you have the party?

  • What is the theme?

    Be imaginative and think of something different, like Action Man vs. Barbie, or Superheroes.

  • Check with your parents before sending out your invites?

    Don’t forget to include the party date, venue address, time, dress code and theme.

  • Create a party music playlist

  • Think about food and drinks

    You could order pizza or simple finger-foods such as crisps and snacks! And don’t forget the Capri-Sun!

  • Let your neighbours know that you’re having a party

    Explain that there may be some loud music.

On The Day:

  • Make sure expensive or fragile items are out of the way

  • Dress up the party space

    If you don’t have a big budget, look in pound stores and charity shops, or get creative and make your own decorations.

  • Use disposable plates and cups

    Make sure you have several rubbish and recycling bins to make the cleaning up easier.

  • If you are having the party outside, consider having a tarpaulin cover or similar

    (Just in case it rains!)

A fancy dress outfit
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